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Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Richard M. Oberto has distinguished himself as a top criminal defense, personal injury, and appellate lawyer. He maintains a central office in Fresno and serves clients as an attorney throughout Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Madera, Merced, the San Joaquin Valley, and surrounding areas. His work as a Fresno criminal defense lawyer and DUI attorney has enabled numerous clients to protect their freedom, protect their reputations, and vindicate their rights. His work as a personal injury lawyer has enabled numerous clients to protect their livelihoods and vindicate their rights during times of legal, personal, and professional crisis. His appellate practice provides clients an important tool to protect their legal and constitutional rights when a trial court ruling has been challenged or needs to be challenged.

Experience, Dedication, Results

Mr. Oberto has prevailed in some of the most complex civil and criminal cases. He has taken over thirty combined criminal and civil trials to jury verdict. He has taken cases to trial that attracted attention from the media and general public. His skill in pre-trial motions has resulted in numerous dismissals of cases without the need for trial. He is known for his craftsmanship in legal writing, his skill in cross-examination, and his eloquence in closing arguments.

In a criminal case, Mr. Oberto can begin working to advance and protect a client’s legal interests even before any charges are filed. He can evaluate the facts, perform legal analysis, conduct investigation, and protect the client’s rights if law enforcement authorities attempt to conduct investigation. He can provide insight into the relevant prosecutor’s office. In some cases, Mr. Oberto can contact the local prosecutor’s office to explain why no charges should be filed or why certain charges should not be filed. In any case, as a Fresno criminal defense attorney, Mr. Oberto can provide peace of mind and a strategic way forward.

In a personal injury case, Mr. Oberto can assist clients through the complicated process of litigating their claim. Case evaluation typically requires factual investigation, legal analysis, and consultation with forensic experts. Personal injury cases are subject to strict filing deadlines. Some personal injury cases are subject to special claims procedures that must precede the filing of a Complaint. Insurance companies sometimes like to move quickly to contact injury victims. Sometimes victims begin to discuss facts or negotiate with an insurance company before retaining an attorney and before knowing all the medical evidence. This may enable the insurance company to secure an outcome that is to its particular advantage. Mr. Oberto can ensure a client’s legal interests are fully represented.

The Right Strategy for Each Client

When Mr. Oberto reviews a case as a Fresno criminal defense attorney or personal injury lawyer, he reviews it strategically to identify the salient factual and legal issues. He presents the issues to the client and works with the client to develop an initial strategy. The strategy might involve investigation, expert consultation, discovery from the opposing party, legal motions, legal research, demand for trial, contact with the opposing party, or other measures. Mr. Oberto continues to consult the client as new factual information and legal analysis comes to light and the strategy needs to be refined. The goal is always to have an operative strategy that advances the client’s legal needs, legal rights, and legal interests.

In every case, Mr. Oberto brings the same passion and meticulous preparation. He is exacting about his clients’ legal and due process rights. Due process provides the fundamental assurance that every litigant, from the most powerful to the least powerful, has access to justice.

Mr. Oberto has had the honor of representing clients from a wide variety of backgrounds. He has represented everyone from professionals who attended the finest schools, workers who practiced trades, laborers who had no formal education beyond childhood, and disabled people who could not work. He considers it a great privilege to have served such a broad cross-section of people in the course of his career.

Mr. Oberto welcomes people to contact him 24/7 at (559) 221-2557 to request an initial consultation. Se habla Espanol.

People also may contact Mr. Oberto to request an initial consultation using the contact form available on this website. Please do not use the contact form to write down sensitive information. Information communicated over the internet, including through this website, may not be considered confidential or privileged.

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